Four more years for Team Ulsrud!


The world’s most colorful curling team has decided to give it another four years. After a lot of speculation, the team has finally made the decision to keep curling together. Thomas Ulsrud admitted that Torger Nergård probably had played his last curling game during an interview after the gold final in Beijing, but now it seems like even the trusted vice will keep it going.

The team sat down on 18th of May, the day after the Norwegian National Day, to discuss. Having talked to their families and sorted out a few business plans, they came to the conclusion that they could play on. The team will most likely take it down a few pegs tournament wise, maybe not playing as much as during the Olympic season. Which tournaments and how many they’ll play is still not fully decided, but we should know in due time.

The team is still desperate for sponsors to be able to cope with the professional teams however, and how much support they can gather will be a crucial part of their training towards the 2018 Olympics.


World Champions!


Team Ulsrud won the World Men’s Curling Championship in Beijing, China. This is the first time a Norwegian Men’s team has won the competition since 1988, ending a gold drought that has lasted for over two decades.

The win also marks back-to-back gold for Scandinavia, with Sweden’s Niklas Edin wining it last year. Canada will be eager to win back the bragging rights when the World Championship 2015 edition takes place on home soil in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Excitingly close before the last draw!

Brad Jacobs won the team competition game earlier this week

Brad Jacobs won the team competition game earlier this week

North-America leads Team World 24-21 before the very last draw. It looked like the North-Americans were going to increase their lead, but a dramatic finish put Team World right back in the game. Team Sigfridsson stole their last skin against Jennifer Jones, while Niklas Edin and Tom Brewster both secured vital skins with tee-draws.

Tonight Team Ulsrud will step up to the plate and face off against Brad Jacobs again. The boys lost out to the Canadians in a close fought game earlier this week, and will be keen on getting revenge. This time it’s skins game, and Team World has all the chance to turn it around for a win. They will have to rely on Eve Muirhead to pick up a few nice skins against Erika Brown, and also hope that David Murdoch can lead his mixed team to a few points as well.



Las Vegas so far


Loudmouth representatives came out to treat their golden boys well

Curling’s most colorful boys are in Las Vegas for the Continental Cup. They’ll join forces with nations like Sweden and Japan in a plan to beat the North-American nations. Three women’s teams and three men’s teams represent each side as the tournament kicked off yesterday.

The boys didn’t turn down the chance to come to Las Vegas this week. They even came in a few days early, if they tell you it was to fight the jet lag, it might only be half-true. The solid second Christoffer Svae and his brother celebrated their birthdays here back in 2012 with a whopping 2o+ friends from Norway, Scotland and USA. You might say Chris’ personality works harmoniously with the sparkling city, in a good way.


This was the view from they guys’ room at the Bellagio during their jet-lag days

For Thomas Ulsrud this is a first. He’s a “Vegas virgin” as he put it, and seemed overwhelmed with the city lights like most newcomers do. The host of the Continental Cup arranged for Team Ulsrud to be picked up in a limousine in true Vegas fashion at the McCarran airport, kicking off the week in a great way.


All though Las Vegas rings synonymous with partying, drinking and gambling, it’s not all fun and games for the Ulsrud boys. They guys are here to do a job as curlers, and keeping in mind that it’s Olympic season, they can’t fool around too much. Team Ulsrud have always been good at combining pleasure and business, keeping themselves in good shape, but also happy and relaxed. Eating a steak for dinner accompanied by a beer might be frowned upon within cross-country skiing, but not in curling. Since curling is such a mental game, it’s imperative to keep yourselves happy, making sure you won’t get burned out. These guys practice a lot of curling, and hit the gym almost every day… knowing how to keep it going.


The team with the “clown pants” is again starting to get a lot of attention back home in Norway. Curling is only ever big in Norway at the Olympics. Almost 1/4 of the country watched Pål Trulsen win the gold medal back in 2002, we’re hoping we’ve got as many watching Team Ulsrud win the final in Sochi.


Norwegian media wants a piece of the action in Vegas